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I really must try to pay more attention to this Journal - the possible user-pictures appear to have multiplied. I really must try to remember to ask Willow to upload some for me.

I have been rather too preoccupied recently. Pressure of work - and the word taxes tends to ring rather grimly in my ears. I thought that the British system could present difficulties but the American tax forms seem to have been designed by some form of demonic accountant.

(I was foolish to mention the theory in front of Anya and, unfortunately, I said that I suspected Klopshtock demons, since they are notoriously anal-retentive. She gave me that look, laughed and commented that nobody would wish to meet a demon that was not anal-retentive (and I suppose she has a point.) Then she started a very unpleasant story about a wish she granted during the roaring twenties.

I really must contact Buffy. Spike and Drusilla have not been seen for some time but there are reports of vampiric activity near Crawford Street. I suppose it is

No sensible person would expect gratitude from a vampire.
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The days are definitely drawing in and that can make the life of a Sunnydale shopkeeper problematic. One can hardly close at dusk during the winter and it is not really safe to leave the door unlocked once creatures of the night can walk. Of course, Christmas shoppers walk too, and Anya can really be quite resentful if one turns away trade.

I usually compromise by trying to be in the shop itself at all times after dusk. However, I had gone to the stockroom for some ingredients for a scrying spell when the bell sounded and by the time I got up the stairs they were in the shop.

Fortunately I know these customers and I asked Tara to go to the stockroom to select the ingredients and the herbs that she wanted for herself while I talked to Willow about what was needed. However, I had no chance to explain that I wanted to scry for the causes of the electrical failures. The bell sounded again almost immediately.
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I was cataloging some Parcell spells today and so, of course, I wore a protective jacket while I handled them. Although not precisely dangerous in the inert form the dye from the wing-cases does tend to discolour tweed.

I got back from the shop quite early this evening and had supper before realising that I had left my wallet and credit cards in the shop. They are almost certainly in the pocket of that white coat. I trust Anya implictly of course, but after some thought I decided to return for them. I may want to make an online purchase in any case and it seems better to enquire about that from the shop. They will probably be more likely to respond to a trade enquiry...

(Open to Spike, Willow, Tara.)
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On looking back over my journal I can hardly believe recent events. Have I really been away for so long - and was I really wishing for more action? I really should learn to be careful what I wish for - although I am quite sure that I did not use the words "I wish" at any point. Perhaps I could orient myself better if I summarise recent events.

I attended The big New York Occult Book Fair earlier this year; the selection was tempting and I ordered a number of volumes. The organisers checked my credentials before delivery, of course. Some of the grimores on sale are reputedly lethal, and they do tend to try to safeguard buyers especially after that business in Australia. I was quite impressed with their security. However, when the cartons arrived I found that they contained only a percentage of the books that I had ordered. However, one of the larger boxes contained a selection of unfamiliar volumes!

(Firewall, I had intended to contact the sender, however, some of the books were fascinating and, while I may not be an active Watcher in the eyes of the Council, it is my duty to keep my skills updated. It was necessary to research some of the material presented - I seriously suspected a hoax. The information did seem important enough to take the risk of visiting one of the more exotic occult libraries and it is necessary to summon a particular escort for this.

Anyway, not to put too fine a point on it, I seem to have made an error and - I suppose the best term would be that I misrouted. Of course, the battle against evil is not confined to Sunnydale and Vampires are common in other towns - even in some other dimensions. This meant that some parts of my trip were interesting and quite stimulating. Unfortunately I could not take notes while traveling since my laptop seems to have suffered some form of damage. Under the circumstances that was rather a pity. It is difficult to believe that it has taken so long to return. It will be Halloween in a day or two - the dullest time of the year.

I cannot say that I really regret severing my ties with the Watchers Council, but there are times when I feel redundant. It is not that life as a shopkeeper does not present a challenge, but in many ways it is the wrong kind of challenge. The trip was stimulating and I met some interesting people. Ah well, I am home now - and those books remain a mystery.


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