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I suppose it depends on the co-worker. I must have got on well enough with some of them, when I was younger.

Actually, that recollection may not be entirely accurate. I certainly rejected them during my attempt at teenage rebellion; I ran with the wildest group that would have me – and even those relationships may have been unduly complex. (Certainly I would have difficulty in analysing my feelings about Ethan Rayne, then or now. I used to know a counsellor who often said, “Don’t tell me how you feel, show me how you feel.” In Ethan Rayne’s case that might well involve using a weapon - possibly several.)

When it comes to the other Watchers, I think I got on fairly well with Elizabeth, when we were training. I heard later that an Orb of Riujib went out of control during an exorcism in Surry. She was regarded as MIA rather than expended; it seems probable that the whole party was sucked into an alternate dimension. It must have been appalling for her parents. Hope might not be a benign emotion, under those circumstances, but how could one ever stop hoping?

By hindsight, the rot really set in after I became the Slayer’s Watcher. I don’t think it was entirely subjective. Surely anyone would have regarded Gwendolyn Post as both easily corrupted and a complete idiot? Wesley Wyndam-Price could best have been described as a pillock when he arrived in Sunnydale and, while I once had a great respect for Quentin Travers that was modified over time, although he could show considerable insight under some circumstances.

Most of my fellow Watchers would have regarded it as completely inappropriate to feel that my Slayer was or is a co-worker. They would have been even less enthusiastic about any attempt to assess her friends as though they were colleagues. In any case, it does not seem appropriate to discuss them here.

Muse; Rupert Giles.
Fandom BTVS.
Words, 330
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